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Sensei Sergio Bustinduy

Are you looking for a sport for life? Go karate



* Karate is a sport suitable for young and old as well as for people with different physical abilities.

* In the search for new spaces and sports that allow combining a healthy life with current restrictions, a range of possibilities opens up that allow discovering new sports practices that escape the weight room and running in the park. Moreover, for all those who do not feel comfortable in a gym, karate (or karate) may be the ideal answer.

* This martial art of Japanese origin is one of the most complete sports that can be practiced and combines the physical and mental part while exercising.

* This sport, which already has more than 100 million practitioners around the world, is not only suitable for young people. From young children to people over 90 years old, karate conscientiously works the body but also the mind and develops physical skills such as balance, strength, speed and coordination.

* Likewise, it is good for psychological development since respect, self-esteem and motivation are worked on. The adaptability of this sport to all levels and experiences.

* Karate is especially beneficial for the little ones. On the one hand, psychomotor work helps the complete development of children and, on the other, it is a practice that instills values ​​such as respect and discipline, customs that minors will acquire and reflect in their day to day life.

* In karate, no one is left behind and everyone can do the same, "says Almudena, and for this same reason it also improves self-esteem. Unlike in team sports, where competition and competition tend to prevail. need more people to practice it, karate does not imply that action of "playing" or "competing": it can be exercised alone. "It is an art that does not need that extra competition in either of its two modalities"

* Bare feet and a tatami

To practice karate it is only necessary to have a tatami (since it is practiced with bare feet) and a karategui with a belt. Unlike other sports that require more expensive equipment, what you need to practice karate is very inexpensive.


* It is highly advisable to go to a center specialized in this type of martial art, since launching yourself to learn from the living room can end up with some furniture or an injured athlete. It is convenient, especially in the case of the little ones, so that they can learn this discipline in a solid way from the beginning.

* In the practice of karate it is very easy to maintain social distance (less in combat mode), so it is a safe sport. In addition, some schools offer classes in the open air, as long as the weather permits, so there are few excuses not to dare, at least, to try this centuries-old martial art.

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