BabyDance (1,5/3 yrs)

BabyDance is the perfect activity for you to share a nice moment together with your kid by participating in many games related to Motricity, Movement, Musicality and Creativity...

Jazz Kids and Adults

Our Jazz classes are based on discovering and training your body with the movement but the most important HAVING FUN !!!


We offer you 3 different styles of Yoga: Vinyasa Flow, Classic Hatha and Power Yoga.

This combination of Yoga styles provides a balanced practice of fitness training and Mindfulness and will promote a sense of deep relaxation of body and mind.


Sports Massage

As a trained physiotherapist, Debra provides manual therapy for injuries as well as sports massage which relieves tension post-exercise. She also provides exercises for strengthening and recovery, as well as preventative strategies for optimal performance.